The local Language in Gorontalo

by Nov 19, 2023

Gorontalo has a strong tradition of preserving its local culture, including its language. This has helped maintain the distinctiveness of the Gorontalo language.

The Gorontaloan language is spoken by the local population. While Bahasa Indonesia is commonly used for communication with outsiders, knowing a few local phrases and greetings can be appreciated by the locals.

The Gorontalo language developed locally in the Gorontalo region and has been influenced by the history, culture, and environment of the area. This has led to unique linguistic features and vocabulary. The Dutch colonial period in Indonesia had a significant impact on the development of Bahasa Indonesia. The Dutch language and other foreign influences influenced the creation of a standardized national language, which became Bahasa Indonesia. Gorontalo, on the other hand, did not undergo the same level of standardization.

While Bahasa Indonesia is the official and widely spoken language throughout Indonesia, including Gorontalo, local languages like Gorontalo continue to be spoken in everyday life, especially in family and community settings. These linguistic and cultural differences are part of what makes Indonesia such a diverse and fascinating country.

Learning a view basic phrases can enhance your cultural experience and interaction with the locals

Welcome –  matoduwolo

How are you – wololo habari

I am fine – watiya mopiyohu

Good bye  – sambe modunggaya ulangi

Excuse me – tabi

Help me please – tulungi mayi watya

Our villa names follow the local language too,we translate the bungalow names from blue bay divers in sahaung to the local gorontalo language:

Manis – molingo

Suka – ohila

Senang – sanangi

Santai – singole

Cantik – lamahu

Gembira – mengahu