Saronde Waste Bank

by Jun 2, 2024

As the only resort in North Gorontalo with international tourism facilities, Saronde Island Resort recognizes its responsibility in promoting eco-tourism. We are committed not only to taking responsibility but also to involving various entities in our waste management project.

We encourage children to earn a small income by continuously collecting rubbish, teaching them the value of waste and preventing it from being discarded carelessly into the landscape or sea. Additionally, we aim to demonstrate effective waste management practices to the local government, hoping to inspire enthusiasm and support from the authorities.

To maximize recycling and minimize landfill use, we have partnered with the No Trash Triangle Initiative and a recycling company in Manado to support our efforts in North Gorontalo.

Lastly, with the generous donations and support from our guests through the Saronde Fund, we will ensure the long-term success of the Saronde Waste Bank project, with positive results anticipated soon.

Thank you for your support.