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Connect Halmahera, Sangihe Islands, Togian Islands, Bolsel and Gorontalo
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With CONNECT SUNSHINE you can combine our Premium Resort Saronde Island with our Liveaboard KLM SUNSHINE. Several Liveaboard Trips over the year are available.

Main Destinations are:

  • Halmahera
  • Sangihe islands
  • Togians Island and Bolsel with Gorontalo

Very interesting are the Trips in the Summer Month to combine our Resort Blue Bay Divers in Bangka Manado with our Saronde Island Resort in North Gorontalo.

With these KLM SUNSHINE TRIPS you have the combination between Bangka and or Lembeh with Bunaken and Gorontalo and Saronde Island without travel hazzle or long transportations or hoppings.

The Schedule and Availabilities for all KLM SUNSHINE Trips you can find here:

KLM Sunshine - Liveaboard
KLM Sunshine - Liveaboard


Located in North Sulawesi, Bangka is renowned for its vibrant coral reefs and abundant marine life. Divers can explore colorful coral gardens, encounter various species of fish, and even spot sea turtles. The clear waters and unique underwater topography make it an ideal spot for both beginners and experienced divers.


Bunaken, a marine national park near Manado, North Sulawesi, is famous for its steep walls, drop-offs, and incredible biodiversity. Divers here can witness an array of coral species, large schools of fish, and exotic marine creatures, including numerous species of nudibranchs.


Saronde Island offers a secluded and pristine diving experience. Divers can explore vibrant coral reefs, encounter diverse marine life, and enjoy the tranquility of this lesser-known diving spot. The clear waters around Saronde make it an excellent place for underwater photography and a peaceful escape for divers seeking solitude amidst nature’s beauty.


Located on the northern coast of Sulawesi, Gorontalo is known for its unique underwater landscapes, including impressive cave systems and stunning wall dives. Divers in Gorontalo might also spot rare critters like the “Gorontalo hairy octopus.”

Each of these four locations in North Sulawesi provides a distinct and captivating diving experience, making the region a paradise for underwater enthusiasts with varying interests and skill levels. Whether you seek vibrant reefs, secluded dives, unique landscapes, or rare marine life encounters, North Sulawesi has it all.

Liveaboard Trip with KLM SUNSHINE from Bangka island to Saronde Island
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