Dining at Saronde Island Dive Resort

Restaurant and Bar
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Welcome to Saronde Island Dive Resort, where dining is more than just a meal—it’s an experience woven into the fabric of your island adventure.

Nestled along the pristine beach, our Bar and Restaurant offer a front-row seat to breathtaking sunsets, inviting you to indulge in delicious cuisine and refreshing drinks in a setting that embodies tropical paradise. Whether you’re sharing a meal with fellow travelers or enjoying an intimate dinner under the stars, each moment here is crafted to create cherished memories.

At Saronde Island Dive Resort, our Bar and Restaurant are more than just places to eat and drink—they’re centers of connection and relaxation, where friendships blossom and memories are made against the backdrop of stunning sunsets and starry nights. Join us and experience the true spirit of island hospitality, where every sip, bite, and conversation invites you to embrace the essence of your tropical getaway.

The Restaurant

Step into the vibrant heart of Saronde Island at our main building, where the Restaurant and Bar converge to form the lively “Come Together Place“. This is where dining becomes a communal celebration, whether you’re gathering for a shared dinner at our long table, relaxing in our cozy Bar or Chillout Area, or savoring a meal right on the beach, just steps from our Restaurant. Wherever you choose to unwind, expect warm hospitality and impeccable service that turn every meal into a delightful experience.

Restaurant - Saronde Island Resort

Apa Kabar or Wololo Habari Bar

Relax and socialize at our Apa Kabar or Wololo Habari Bar, where the atmosphere is as refreshing as our drink selections. Enjoy expertly crafted cocktails, long drinks, or fresh juices, alongside espresso and cappuccinos. If you prefer non-alcoholic options, our mocktails are sure to delight. As the sun sets over the horizon, our bar transforms into the perfect spot to soak in the beauty of a Saronde Island sunset.

Kayaking - Saronde Island Dive Resort

Private Dinner

Picture this: a romantic dinner on your private beach or right on your villa deck. Just tell us when, and we’ll make sure it’s a night to remember.

Feel like having breakfast in bed or enjoying it on your terrace? No problem at all. Our Saronde Island Resort Restaurant Service is here to make it happen.

Need a coffee or tea break with a little sweet snack? Just give us a shout, and we’ll bring it straight to your terrace.

Private Dinning - saronde Dive Resort

Dinner at Bogisa Island

Enhance your dining experience with a visit to nearby Bogisa Island, where a long sandbank sets the stage for unforgettable moments. Picture yourself having a special dinner under the stars, a beachfront barbecue, or a candlelit meal designed just for you. For a more laid-back vibe, enjoy a leisurely lunch after a day of water activities, surrounded by the serene beauty of this secluded paradise.

Bogisa Island, North Gorontalo
Saronde Island Resort

“There is a difference between dining and eating. Dining is an art. When you eat to get most out of your meal, to please the palate, just as well as to satiate the appetite, that,my friend, is dining.”
Yuan Mei