10% discount on July and Aug 2024 Trips with KLM SUNSHINE

by Jun 14, 2024

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In the month July and August our Liveaboard KLM SUNSHINE plans short trip between Saronde and Sahaung and the other way around. We still have some places available and offer a short term booking discount for the 2024 trips 10% discount.
With these Trips you can combine North Sulawesi with Gorontalo or Togians,
Without hazzle of transportation you cruise and dive between Gorontalo and Manado , combine Lembeh, Bangka, Bunaken, Togians with a short nice Liveaboard trip.
The trips start at Sahaung island in Bangka and ends in Saronde Island in north Gorontalo or start at Saronde Island and ends in Sahaung, Bangka. You can also hopp on or off in Manado.

The Schedule and Availabilities for all KLM SUNSHINE Trips you can find here:

Trip dates and free spaces for North Sulawesi Liveaboard KLM Sunshine (https://www.blue-bay-divers.de/en/liveaboard/tour-dates)
Liveaboard KLM Sunshine Manado, North Sulawesi – by Blue Bay Divers Bangka