Connect with KLM Sunshine

by Dec 17, 2023

With CONNECT SUNSHINE you can combine our Premium Resort Saronde Island with our Liveaboard KLM SUNSHINE. Several Liveaboard Trips over the year are available.

Very interesting are the Trips in the Summer Month to combine our Resort Blue Bay Divers in Bangka Manado with our Saronde Island Resort in North Gorontalo.

With these KLM SUNSHINE TRIPS you have the combination between Bangka and or Lembeh with Bunaken and Gorontalo and Saronde Island without travel hazzle or long transportations or hoppings. Here you can find the Trip Schedule .

The trips are just some Days and using this Connect Sunshine, you can even connect Togian Island via Saronde to Bunaken and Bangka and furthermore Tangkoko National Park or Lembeh Strait.